Am I too old to take a gap year?

The simple answer is you’re never too old to do anything you put your heart and mind too.

Whilst the traditional gap year is the realm of the 18 year old before uni or the 21-24 year old post uni student, taking a break and embarking on an adventure is for anyone who is willing to commit to the dream.
We decide to write this blog both to keep as a diary of our travels but also to inspire more 30somethings and older would be travellers to break free from the shackles of daily life and experience the wonders of travelling. Our aim therefore is inspire with stories, photos, videos and personal accounts from our 2017 around the world trip and also offer advice, tips and tricks and some inside know how.

We’ve both been fortunate enough to have travelled together a number of times over the past ten years and we’ve found blogs and articles/ research critical to go planning and stress free (reduced stress) travel.

We’ve also found that travelling in our 30s we have different expectations and interests and face different opportunities and challenges.

What’s it like taking a gap year in your 30s or 40s?
Travelling when your slightly older in life can have huge advantages and challenges. Often a 30 something has a career, family or other commitments which can make going away for a couple of months or a year more difficult.

On the flip side, the positive is an opportunity to escape the daily grind of work, break free from commitment and stimulate and light the passion in your soul like never before. If you’re coming from a good job there’s also the chance you might save more money than if you’re a student – opening more opportunities and experiences.

During our 9 month trip in 2017 we’ll be posting from 24 countries and writing on a range of trips suited for every budget.

We’ve also found in our 30s we’re more ‘planners’ than we were when we were 18. With nine months, and a lot to see, we’ve spent months planning and preparing to maximise what we see and fit in.

We’ve also made the most of the web to get in early with bookings, make use of discounts and loyalty schemes and negotiate better rates with operators by bulking purchasing excursions. This approach may not be for everyone but in upcoming blogs we’ll discuss the pros and cons of planning vs more unstructured ‘free-willed’ travel.

We’re also hoping to meet loads of cool people on our travels, so watch out for some guest posts. Also if there are any specific questions you may have – feel free to message us and we’ll try and answer your questions.

3 thoughts on “Am I too old to take a gap year?

  1. Hi Mike,

    Sitting here in London thought I’d see if you wanted to grab that beer we never got round to having – then realised you’re traveling. Guess great minds think alike – I’ve recently handed my notice in myself to see some of the world on two wheels (cycling). First going across the US on the trans America cycle trail before we try some more exotic pedalling.

    Hope you’re having a great time.

    Chris Jewell

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Greetings from chilly London with crowded tube carriages and everything else which goes with it. We’ve only got as far as planning stage 1 – across the US. If it all goes well then cycling through South East Asia might be next but that won’t be till September


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