11 questions for our 111 day half way mark:

Rio marked Nelson…111 days of travelling and the half way point of our round the world trip.

To celebrate 111 days we picked 11 of the most common questions we’ve been emailed and each gave our own answers. Here goes:

Best meal/ worst meal:
Jamie: Madame JoJo, Sydney. Who thought bacon on ice cream would work (best). Duck broth, Beijing. It tasted worse than it sounds (worst).
Mike: Mudbrick Estate, Auckland. New Zealand lamb in NZ with a glass of red wine need I say more (best). Some shit hole cafe on the side of the road in Darjeeling. A record 5 minutes between entrance and exit (worst).m

Best/ worst stay:
Jamie: Arena Ipanema, Rio. A little bit of luxury in the middle of the trip (best). Astoria, Kolkata. First night travelling and I had to sleep under my beach towel. (worst)
Mike: Bamboo Backpackers, Fiji. Great vibe (best). Surf ‘n Snow Hostel, Auckland. Shit hole with the dregs of humanity (worst).

Best/ worst tour or activity:
Jamie: White River Rafting, New Zealand. Epic grade 5 rapids (best). Cape Tribulation day trip, Cairns. Boring and uncomfortable. (Worst)
Mike: Mt Yasur Volcano, Vanuatu. An erupting Volcano is just awesome! (best) Cape Tribulation day trip, Cairns. Waste of a day! (worst)

Best/ worst city:
Jamie: Singapore, Singapore. Modern, spectacular architecture and clean (best). Shenzen, China. Terrible accommodation and no reason for a tourist to visit (worst)
Mike: Sydney, Australia. Baked in sunshine for three days, great food and catch up with friends (best). Gangtok, India. Oh dear god don’t start me…(worst)
Best/ worst country:
Jamie: New Zealand. The country is breathtaking from bays to mountains (best). Papua New Guinea. The locals were unfriendly and quite scary with their blood red beetle nut smiles!(worst)
Mike: India. Few things can be the sights, sounds and smells of India (best). Papua New Guinea. Lots of potential but there was an undertone of suspicion against foreigners (worst)

Best/ worst moment:
Jamie: Bunjee jumping in Queenstown, New Zealand. 30 seconds of adrenaline rush (best). Losing my wallet in Xi’an, China. No credit cards all trip and a useless bank (worst).
Mike: Entering the Taj Mahal, India. Everything you’d want and hope for (best). Being robbed/ run over by taxi driver in Santiago, Chile. Should of read my own safety advice (worst).

Best/ worst travel tip:
Jamie: Print every part of your itinerary off – amazing how many airlines/ hotels insist on seeing your every movement (best). Cash passport. Probably great in the US but expensive and terrible exchange rates everywhere else (worst).
Mike: Keep your backpack to under 15kg. Perfect weight for carrying and just under internal flight baggage limit (best). Courtesy of Sam – roll all your clothes and insert them in socks. Sounds great until you can’t remember what is in any of the 30 socks (worst).

Best/ worst travel buy:
Jamie: Osprey 70l backpack. Loyal travel companion (best) 3SIXT camera. Blew at just 5m underwater! (worst)
Mike: DJI Mavic Pro drone. An almost perfect piece of technology (best). PacSafe portable safe. Poor product that never needed to be made. (worst).

Most/ least friendly people:
Jamie: Australians. Everyone wants to chat and share experiences and tips (most). Chinese. Aggressive and very pushy, literally! (least)
Mike: Fijians. Who wouldn’t be happy living on a tropical island with growing economy and cheap beer?! (most). Chinese. Only 10% speak any English, no sense of personal space and have a tendency to hold every conversation as a shouting match a foot apart (least)

Most/ least lived up to expectations:
Jamie: Fiji. Tropical islands and friendly people – you can’t ask for much more (most). China. Main attractions weren’t as grand as anticipated (least).
Mike: New Zealand. Spectacular scenery and diverse activities (most). Solomon Islands, under developed and not set up for tourism (least).

Place visit/ not visit again:
Jamie: New Zealand. Didn’t have enough time to explore all the beautiful sights (would). Papua New Guinea. Nothing there to bring you back (not).
Mike: New Zealand. Limitless activities and diverse scenery you could never get bored of NZ (would). Papua New Guinea. If tourism kicks off here I’d go again but until then safety and infrastructure are not there (not)

Bonus question:
Mike and Jamie’s best/ worst habits:
Jamie on Mike:
Super organised down to the smallest detail (best). World’s worst back seat driver – claims he is the better drive but only ever commentates (worst).

Mike on Jamie:
Does all the jobs like driving, laundry and washing up which I hate (best). Takes 30 minutes longer than any other human being to leave the hotel (worst).

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