Traversing around Grand Teton National Park

Finally, a lay in! At the lazy hour of 8.30am we gathered for breakfast at the cafe at the Lodge – luckily today was a leisurely day as it took almost an hour for breakfast to arrive…and equally as long for Mike to eat the mountain of pancakes and blueberries that arrived.

After breakfast we headed up to Jackson Lake where we hired a three person canoe and single kayak for two hours of paddling on the lake. Whilst Mike darted off in the kayak, the good ship Meredith had some steering and coordination issues – momentarily beaching themselves on the way out of the marina.

Once on the open water the main hazard on the Lake is the wake from the motorboats powering out of the marina. In a shallow kayak, if you were hit side in you risked flooding, while hitting a wake bow first resulted in substantial flooding – paddling fast to avoid the wakes was the best solution.

On the Lake it was hard not to be in awe of the amazing natural beauty of the pristine islands set against a mountain backdrop. At the first Bay a mother duck guided her flock of duckling along the the shallows – accelerating at pace of you got to fast. Further across the bay a deer and it’s fawn grazed in the grassy shore – pausing and raising their heads when they realised they were being watched.

We’d hired the boats for two hours but with arms already aching, hungry bellies and knowing we had a half hour paddle we headed back to shore and returned the boats.

After a browse around the Information Centre and it’s collection of historic Indian artefacts we drove south to Oxbow bend. As we approached, the car park was packed and we decided to return first thing the next morning for a less crowded chance of seeing the local wildlife.

Back of the road again we headed to Jackson, Wyoming a thriving tourist town that serves the national parks during summer and local ski resorts during winter.

The town was packed full of busy bars, restaurants and art galleries – most high-end catering for a wealthy ski audience.

The Central Park area is accessed on all four corners by macabre archways made of hundreds of moose antlers – I suspect many didn’t die naturally!

After a quick browse, we enjoyed a large late lunch on the balcony at the Jackson Tavern, tucking into beers and burgers while watching the crowds below.

After lunch we headed back to the Hatchet Resort in Moran for an afternoon nap. Instead of dinner we opted to enjoy a glass or three of wine on the decking in the evening sunshine.

When the sun dropped we headed indoors for a few glasses of wine and dessert – a relaxing day after a busy few days of driving.

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