Chicago- Architecture and ice cream

We woke up early and took an Uber back to Millennium park where we flew LARS over the water back at the city and the ‘Bean’. Aerial shots done we headed back the hotel and I met my parents to go up the John Hancock building.

We decided that it would be better to go up here than the Sears/Willis tower as we could get a picture of the famous building rather than looking out from it. After waiting to buy tickets we were straight up and enjoyed the 360 degree views of the city. I also queued and went on the Tilt. You stand next the glass and are tilted out of the building 30 degrees staring straight down. Mike would of hated it but it was fun and worth the extra $5.

Views of the city done, we had some Cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory just bellow the building. Extremely sickly but satisfying!

In the afternoon we took a riverboat cruise along the Chicago river listening to guide about its interesting architecture. The tour took 75mins and the guide was amazing: knowledgeable, funny and kept going for 75 minutes without stopping. We learnt about the Willis Tower formally the Sears Tower that was once the worlds tallest building; The Merchandise Mart which when finished in 1930 was the worlds biggest building in terms of area and had its own zip code; Marina City with its iconic corn cob shape was the original city within a city; and the Aqua (among many others) completed in 2009 with a wavy appearance was the tallest tower designed by a woman.

After we walked The Riverwalk and got an Ice Cream and drink (and had an argument for a table) in the sun. On the way back to the hotel we stopped in AT&T where they had a Game of Thrones exhibition where we sat on the Iron Throne and took pictures of costumes and the map of Westeros.

In the evening we had our final meal together and had yet more cheesecake. It was sad to say goodbye to my parents and we had had an amazing time traveling the US and Canada together.

We would be up early in the morning to head to Detroit and returning to Canada.

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