That’s all for now folks!

After 263 days of travelling and a lifetime of memories and new friendships, our 2017 gap year has come to an end.

Every single day was memorable, our only regrets were not having taken the gap year sooner and not having gone for longer – 15 months feels like it would have been about the right length.

Here are some of the highlights in numbers:

Days: 263
Countries: 29
Cities: 143
Islands visited: 10 including Easter Island, Galápagos, Solomon Islands, Fiji to name but a few
Days of rain: 11
Highest altitude: 4,952m in Bolivia
Coldest place: -7c Salar Uyuni, Bolivia
Hottest place: +43c Arizona, USA
Furthest south travelled: Queenstown, New Zealand 45.03S
Furthest north travelled: Reykjavik, Island 61.24N
Furthest east travelled: Sigatoka, Fiji 177.5E
Furthest west travelled: Vancouver, Canada 123.07W

Miles travelled: 88,327 miles
Flights: 51
Sleeper trains: 14
Bus journeys: 93
Other modes of transport: 51 including donkey, camel, wooden raft, tuk tuk, sailing boat etc

Extreme sports: 7 including bungee jumping, black water rafting, white river rafting, dune boarding, scuba diving, volcano climbing
Tours: 11
City tours: 37

Distance walked: 2,134km (iPhone data)
Weight lost: 14.1kg
Colds/ flu: Once

Blog and media
Blog posts: 163
Unique visitors: 349,512
Page views: 1,471,316
Photos: 61,130
Video clips: 613
Social media posts: 1,213
TripAdvisor reviews: 121

Flights: 302
KM flown: 414km
Photos: 4,211

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